Tishari is a nation made up of several city states bordering the Berrosu Sea to the South, the mountain range nation Ur Zababa to the north and the hobgoblin nation Lak’bashum to the east. Tishari also encompasses the Dhahab Desert and all of The Crystal Wastes that do not extend into Ur Zababa.

City States

Al Naszin – Tishari’s de facto capital city. Ruled by Sultan Batiya bin Ry’sa al-Ad who has been at the forefront of Tishari’s societal reformation since she was elected seven years ago. Among other things, this reformation has further united Tiaret’s city states, advanced various academic, industrial and theological fields, and outlawed slavery in all forms.

Idd- The Sapphire City. The Jewel of the Dhahab. Home of the greatest Magical University in the region. Particularly famous for its school of alchemy. A city full of wonders. An oasis powered by the most marvelous of magics.

Ruled by a consortium of five wizarding families. The Al Duins, the Ishmaels, the Tankrits, the Pashwans, and the

The city has long been a center of trade. The products produced by the University are valued throughout all of Tishari. Anything can be bought or sold in Idd.

Idd has long been known as a city of peace. Before the current period of peace brought by the Church of Saint Fadma and the current Sultan Batiya Bin Ry’sa al-Ad, Idd often acted as a mediator between the various city states during times of conflict.


Tishari is a cosmopolitan land and nowhere is this truer than in Sandport. Sandport is ruled by Lord Captain Anderson Black, a former sea merchant captain who settled down after amassing a small fortune. Sandport is the main shipping hub of Tishari and, as such, is populated by people from around the world.


Zimudah was the Gedarite Crusades’ last frontier before their planned assault south into Makonda. However, when Fadma received her prophecies in Zimudah and the crusades collapsed, Zimudah was gradually reborn as the centre of her church, which it continues to be to this day.

Notable towns

Tiaret – Primarily a tin mining town. Tiaret is also the closest town to The Vault and home to the Tiaret College of History.

Boshra – located on the border with Lak’bashum it is the biggest hive of scum and villainy this side of the Dhabab Desert. Known as a rough and tumble town that is at times lawless few travelers venture there without a good reason or unless they have hit rock bottom.

Latakia – An oasis town on the edge of the Crystal Wastes. It’s the last stop for most adventurers and prospectors before they head into The Crystal Wastes. It’s also a main stopping point for caravans between Zimudah and Tiaret.


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